Uncomfortable Thoughts About Some Bible Stories…

Do you ever think about how we (Christians)normalized the genocide and mass murders perpetrated in the name of God? Philistines, Amalekites, Edomites, Sidonites and all those other tribes in the Old Testament that were mass murdered. (women, children and even their livestock).

In so many bible accounts, entire cities were wiped out without a single living thing left alive because someone said they heard from God and those were his instructions.

We read this stories, believe them and justify them because we are told those are “enemies of God”.


When the people heard the sound of the rams’ horns, they shouted as loud as they could. Suddenly, the walls of Jericho collapsed, and the Israelites charged straight into the town and captured it. They completely destroyed everything in it with their swords—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep, goats, and donkeys. – Joshua 6: 20-21

In the same Breath, we are told God made everyone. God loves everyone. But then, some people are “chosen” (Israelites) and those who are not chosen deserved to die and have their lands taken?

Doesn’t that cancel out God’s supposed love for ‘everyone’ ?

From time immemorial, atrocities have been carried out in the name of God. Land grabs, genocide, bigotry,misogyny and all manner of violence. Unfortunately, we still haven’t really evolved because it is still happening.

A lot of Old Testament biblical “heroes” are in my opinion, genocidal maniacs and bloodthirsty warlords that legend and religion have immortalized.

Unfortunately, history is written by the winner.

I wonder what the stories would have been like if the survivors of the genocide perpetrated by Joshua, David, and the others could write their own account of events.

A Philistine boy, waking up to sounds of terror, screams from his mother as she desperately tries to hide from the swords of her attacker. Watching his Father cut down and his entire village burned and knowing his own fate is doomed. Why? Because his people did not serve the god of his attackers.

I read about all that bloodletting and i shudder and i ask questions. I refuse to find a moral lesson to those stories and move on to the next one.

For me, there is no morality to be found therein.




  • Tolulope Phillips

    Wow, thanks. Really these are a few thoughts I have shared with friends and family in the past, but you said it a lot better than I ever could.
    Case in point David and Nabal, David sent his men to ask Nabal for gifts, saying he had been keeping watch over Nabal’s sheep. But who asked him to do that. That to me seems like the ‘agbero’ boys at Idumota market who charge you for ‘watching over’ your car.

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