#PressForProgress – Live Your Truth. No Permission Needed.


I didn’t grow up thinking i was female. Sounds rather odd doesn’t it?

Let me explain myself better.  I was a creative child and i discovered it early enough. I knew i could sing, write, talk a mouthful and be the center of attention in any group and i did all those naturally without thinking for a second about being a girl while doing them.

Then Church happened.  And life happened.

I was told you’re a girl, don’t be so outspoken

You’re a girl, you shouldn’t always be in front

You’re a girl, don’t be so loud

You’re a girl, you shouldn’t want to be the leader


Women all over the world and in particularly in Africa, have heard variations of these minimizing ‘warnings’ and seemingly well meaning ‘advice’ that over time, hinder women from being fully expressive and living life to their maximum potential.

According to Genesis 1:27, Woman was made in the image of God too.  The Holy Spirit that lives in us as women is the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.  Not a junior one, not a slightly lower one. The same one that was promised in Acts 1:8.

So why should anyone tell you that God wants you to minimize your gifts, talent or your personality (the very same personality he gifted you with)?

I have decided to stop thinking about being female while i do business, ministry, events and whatever else i do professionally and in ministry.

“because i am a woman” should NOT be a reason for you not to do anything you want, are empowered, are able and are gifted to do. You need no one’s permission to be a fully functional human being.

Live your truth. Be Free.

Happy Women’s Day!


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