Soul Detoxifying Worship

Thinking aloud the other day, i said I needed some form of therapy.  I had been feeling stressed, dissatisfied, worried and angry. I felt like i lived in a pressure cooker and any minute, i would blow a lid at the slightest provocation.

Last weekend was the last straw.  I had an expectation that ended in disappointment and i was so hurt. All previous emotions kicked in and i was so miserable.

But then, the week started with Chude inviting me for a worship session for a small group of friends.  It was exactly what I needed.

Just singing songs of worship, i dropped all my burdens and worries and focused on being with God that very moment.  What happened was incredible. He calmed me down by reminding me he’s still here, and he’s in charge.

You know what happens when you focus on God and just sing songs of worship and praise to him?  you trample over your fears and insecurities and worries.  You become bold to take on projects you’ve been apprehensive about because now, you know God’s got you covered.

Worship detoxifies your soul. It purges you of emotional baggage that weighs you down and clears the debris that has been blocking you from seeing how much God cares about you.

This debris is like dust. it gathers gradually as we go about the hustle and bustle of life. The more it piles up, the heavier and burdened we get.  Worship clears that.  Worship frees up space in our soul to embrace more of God and love ourselves and others more.

Try it. It works. Commit to 15 minutes of just quietly focusing on God and singing songs of worship everyday.  See what happens!

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    You are damn right Fola. In addition, other forms of therapy that will add to your relief before or after worship will include just finding a non -judgemental listening ear that you can vent to (their work is just to listen, not attempt to proffer solution), doing something that makes you happy i.e. Cooking, window shopping, watching a movie or reading a book etc. Usually, the solutions to our challenges can be found within us, but first we need to dissociate or step out of the problem fso that we can view the situation with an objective mind. Remember also that one event is not the judge of a person’s character, so if we can get angry at the behavior or action and still love the offender, we are fine and able to get rid of anger or offense easily. This is true for us also/ failing in something does not make one a failure. Trust this helps. You are doing a great job!

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