Yinka Lawanson; Doing Music & Philanthropy In Prison

Not everyone who does the Lord’s work stand behind a pulpit or has a religious title. For Yinka Lawanson, a microphone, a big voice and an open heart is just all he needs.

For the last ten years, Yinka Lawanson, using the stage name ‘Lamboginny’,  has been a consistent hard worker in the Nigerian music industry, performing as a dance hall artiste, as well as a lead campaigner against drug abuse and an advocate for prison reforms and inmate rehabilitation.

I have known Lamboginny for about five of those ten years and his consistency and doggedness even in the face of inadequate resources have been inspiring.

Lamboginny sees music as his passion, and inspiring and raising up the underprivileged and the forgotten as his life’s purpose. According to him: “music is my first love and as i came to understand the value of my music, i discovered my purpose, which is to serve humanity.”

The Nigerian prison system is fraught with challenges. Congestion and unavailability of much needed resources as well as the expected dispodency in inmates. Over the years, Lamboginny has been using his music to encourage and inspire inmates by organising his concerts in prison, helping inmates by paying for their legal services and helping to facilitate the release of those who are being held for fines unpaid.

“I think prison reform chose me because over the years, i have come to find fulfillment in being able to reform and give hope to inmates. It is my own way of helping redirect the minds of convicted criminals into something more positive in making the society a better place for all.” he said.

Lamboginny’s heart for helping others did not develop in a vacum. He learned to love through the love he received from others. He said “apart from learning so much from my grand parents, what shaped me was how strangers helped me while growing up. Strangers who didn’t know my family, housed me and took care of me like their own. I have met a lot of good people and I can really say I grew up a community child.”

Yinka Lawanson a. k. a Lamboginny might not be in your face like your mainstream pop artiste but he has certainly carved a niche for himself as a voice of hope for the ones society have forgotten. The title of his latest album speaks to the core of who he is. SALT (Saving All Lives Together)

His philosophy of life is very simple. According to him, “what is allowed is what becomes so be careful what you allow. For me I allow love and that’s what I am becoming everyday.”.



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