Fixing My Focus

Ordinarily, because this is my first post for 2018, i would have written something motivational about ‘new year goals’ or such and such but for some reason, my first post of the year is a message i had been receiving for myself.

Sometime ago, i listened to a sermon preached by Pastor Steven Furtick called  “fix your focus” and that title had been ringing in my head these past few days.

Whatever you focus on, you’ll inevitably magnify. There are so many things competing for attention in our lives.  Our careers, our finances, our spouses, children, health, even the nation’s political issues.

One thing I’ve found out though, these issues will always be there at some point or the other because that’s just life. it isn’t perfect. But when we focus on the problems, they become magnified, they scare us and we become anxious and worried.

One of my goals this year is to avoid magnifying perceived problems by constantly talking about and ruminating over it.

Rather than focus on the issues, i’ll focus on what i know is Truth: That God loves me, cares about me, is aware of the problems and will never leave me stranded.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” says Jesus.

I choose to focus on where my treasure is. Jesus.

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