I Became A Grown Woman In 2017

2017 has been an incredible year. These two words describe the year for me:


I discovered there was more to who i believed i was. I discovered the reasons behind some life experiences, i discovered parts of me that i wasn’t aware of, i discovered truth.

With discovery came freedom. In 2017, i broke free.

I became free from lies i had believed for many years, i became free of societal expectations about what should make me happy, i became free to love myself, love others and be genuinely happy.

I dropped my baggage in 2017. I dropped my pain, my anger,my insecurities and my fears.

In 2017, i picked up courage. In 2017 i fought and i won. Everything i lost in 2017 was supposed to be gone from me, so i said goodbye without regrets.

In 2017, I found my place, i discovered my power. I became a grown woman.

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