The Nigerian Woman Gets No Justice

The more i see a powerful media, political or Hollywood figure get fired over allegations of sexual misconduct, the sadder i become.

Not sad that these men are getting ousted or facing the consequences of their vile actions, sad that Nigerian women cannot partake of this wave of justice sweeping across the united States.

The Nigerian woman has no one to stand up for her. The law is not on her side and the court of public opinion is largely influenced by a culture of patriarchy and victim blaming.

How many more female staff and interns will have to suffer harassment and threats of job loss or career death until companies upgrade and implement policies on sexual harassment in the work place?

How many more students will have to go though hell trying to graduate because randy lecturers hold them to a sexual ransom?

How can the Nigerian woman get justice when the very people in positions of power are the culprits and others are quick to protect their own?

“She wants to bring a good man down”

“She’s wants to ruin his family”

“She wants attention”

“She dresses indecently, so she was asking for it”

“She must have seduced him”

“His enemies sent her to destroy him”

All these comments and more are targeted at women who dare speak up against abusers and harassers.
Comments made to shut them up, minimise their voices and keep them in a prison of fear.
Comments made to protect the accused.

Nigerian women are watching powerful men across the oceans face the consequences of their actions and we feel left out of it.

Our abusers still thrive here. They’re still in office, still sign our paychecks, still grade our exam papers, still make laws and sit down on boards to make decisions about our lives.

Who will speak up and fight for the Nigerian woman?

We will speak for ourselves. we will scream ourselves hoarse if we have to. we will demand to be heard until we get justice.

We will use every platform to call for change. To demand Justice.

Say something!

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