An Open Letter To The Worried Girl

Dear worried girl,

I can honestly tell you i know what you are going through because not too long ago, i was exactly where you are right now. Waking up each day not exactly sure that things will be better than the day before.

Like you, living from one day to the next was drudgery. I loved my job but i was not satisfied with it. I knew there was something more out there, but for some reason, i couldn’t manage to step out to experience it or get it.

I was worried about my future too. I was so afraid of my life being average. regular. I knew i was meant to do extraordinary things but this fear won’t leave me.

What if i remain a broke adult? what if i get fired from my job? what if i never become successful or great at anything? what if i never get married? what if my mother got sick and i can’t afford medical care for her? what if I get sick? everyone around me seem to be making progress, why does it feel like i’m getting left behind? what if I really am left behind?

Those were some of my fears and it was paralysing me. It was stealing my joy; just like it’s stealing yours.

Then i found this; Colossians 3:3   “Your old self has died, and your new life is kept with Christ in God.” 

I had read this passage several times before but never with revelation like this. Here i was; a christian, saved and given a new life through the grace of God and boom! It hit me.

My new life is KEPT with Christ in God!

Here are the synonyms of the word ‘keep’.

1. honour or fulfil (a commitment or undertaking).
2. guard; protect.
3. own and manage (a shop or business).
4. own and look after (an animal) for pleasure or profit.
5. provide for the sustenance of (someone).
6. to have or retain possession of.

Think about these diverse meanings in relation to your life. In Christ, your life is guarded and protected, owned, managed, looked after, provided and provided for, by Father God!

How amazing is that!!?

The bondage of constant worry about my life and future was broken as soon as i understood and accepted this truth. This can be your story too. Actually, it SHOULD be your story.

Your new life is KEPT with christ in God. You are SAFE! You are PROTECTED! You will not be left stranded.

God wants you to trust him today. Trust that he’s got you covered, that he’ll never leave you hanging.

I don’t ever want to write to you as “dear worried girl” anymore. The next time i write, it will be “dear joyful and trusting girl”.

I love you.

– Your Sister; FOLA

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