#Equality; Let Your Life Be The Protest

Conversations about gender equality had dominated the social media space (in Nigeria)this past week and everyone has been in a tizzy about it.

As a Nigerian woman, raised in a largely patriarchal society, and seeing the injustice of unequal opportunities, you can understand how much i will push back against the boundaries and the system that creates those boundaries.

As a Nigerian, christian woman however, things get a little tricky. Tricky because the injustice and inequality gets wrapped up in nice religious rhetoric and coated with wrongly interpreted scripture and poorly taught theology.

But i’m learning something. I’m learning that sometimes, the best and most convincing ‘argument’ against patriarchy is to actively defy it by our very life.

Yes. let our existence in this life be the testimony.

For christian women who have been called into one form of ministry or the other, you need no man ,(or woman) to validate your calling or give you permission to pursue your purpose. Step out and do what God asks you to do!

They say you can’t teach? you don’t need their permission. God has given you a message for specific people. Get in your prayer closet and draw them to you by the spirit, then step out and teach anyway.

You don’t need a certificate of validation from anyone to teach the word. last time i checked, the apostles had no seminary education, they were not mentored or approved by the school of religious scholars, but they knew Jesus. That’s all you need.

They say a woman shouldn’t lead or can’t lead? Plant your feet in that space you occupy and take charge from there. When the opportunity comes, step up and take advantage of it. don’t wait!

Woman, you are a warrior. The battle for equality is spiritual warfare because the devil is against women. (Genesis 3:15.)

Fight this battle, not just with words of protest, but wearing the full armor of God, step out into spaces and LIVE!

Your loudest protest is your very life. defying gender roles and expectations, proving that God has not called us to be subordinate and inferior.

Be a leader, be a teacher, be a boss, be whoever you are called to be. Do what you have been called to do. You have the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living in you. (Romans 8:11)

You need no one else’s permission. Go!



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