It’s On Us!

How can we live quietly and peacefully if the country is in shambles? If there is chaos in the land, how can we live quietly in devotion to God when our world is in turmoil?

This is why we pray for the rulers and leaders. Not because they’re necessarily good to us but because we NEED them to do their jobs well.

It is in our best interest to pray for our leaders and rulers.

When Paul wrote this in his letter, Christians were facing persecution from political and orthodox religious leaders who wield political influence.

The political terrain was also unstable and regular everyday people who made up majority of the Christian population will be affected if violence breaks out.

Him asking the church to pray for leaders is letting the Christians know that their social well being depends on the peace and stability of the political environment.

The same with us, we will all be affected if a war were to break out or an economic crisis hits our country. It is therefore on us to pray for the leadership. It matters not if we agree with them or not. What matters is for us to pray that they make the right choices and do the right thing so the land can be peaceful.

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