#IdentifightIBADAN Praise Report!

#IdentifightIBADAN is the testimony of God’s word coming to pass. God gave me an assignment; to go tell his daughters how loved and valuable they are,to bring words of healing and encouragement and to tell his daughters that its time to come home. God wants his daughters back.

It started with my own life. my own brokenness; the lessons I’ve learned and i am still learning. looking at myself, i am unqualified but uniquely positioned.

When the word and confirmation came to go to ibadan, i was filled with excitement and hope at first, and then i was hit with fear. I literally have NEVER been this scared before. To live in one city and plan a conference in another city? whoa!

And then God started to raise helpers. Ladies i have NEVER met before. A team arose and we literally coordinated this conference on WhatsApp. not one phone call was made to each other until the day of the event.

The #IdentifightIBADAN team!

This amazing team God raised worked like we’ve known each other for years! They bought into the vision and ran with it.

Days to the event, i was freaking out. Money was short, i was worried our publicity was not enough, worried people wouldn’t show up and the hall would be empty. I couldn’t sleep, my blood pressure shot up so bad i was placed on medication. I started asking myself if I’d really heard God or i was running ahead of myself.

I went back to the word of God. i worshiped. i prayed and i listened to a sermon by Joyce Meyer where she had talked about having some of her earliest conferences in halls where roofs leaked and so dirty they would have to clean up themselves before they started.

I heard a message where Pastor Toure Roberts said his first church service had only 25 people in attendance.

I was encouraged. and then God said to me through his spirit: “You know what you heard. Trust my word”.

Money was still short, but help came. I stretched myself and resolved that this is God’s mission; i will put in EVERYTHING to follow the mission. I prayed for wisdom and adjusted logistics.

We left for ibadan on the very day of the event. (who does that!?)

Let me just say GOD CAME THROUGH!

He brought his daughters. From every corner and across every spectrum,religion wasn’t a barrier, Muslim ladies in Hijab showed up! i wanted to cry!

The spirit of God was incredibly present and he handled everything so much that it was the most stress free event I’ve ever done.

We even made it back to Lagos by 5:30pm! Like… no traffic on the expressway on a weekend! whoa!!

My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation to God who is responsible for all this. He alone is God and this is all for his glory!

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