Plant Your Seeds. Don’t Spill Them

The time and energy God gives you are the seeds you need to sow into the field of your gifts and talents to produce purpose.

What you spend time and energy on should produce God’s planned results in your life.

Don’t spill your seed on the ground like Onan did. (Genesis 38:3-10) plant your seed where it is meant to be planted so God’s purpose can be birthed in you.

Don’t waste time and energy on pursuits that are not aligned with God’s purpose for your life.
It’s okay to ask Father God to show you what ( and who) you need to cut out of your life so you can better invest your time and energy.

If you are investing time and energy in a career or business,or relationship, ask God if they aligned with his purpose for you.

Your time and energy are limited resources. Don’t waste them.

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