About Tasha Cobbs, Nikki Minaj & A Taxi Driver…

Last night I was hanging out with friends on the mainland and we had planned a Friday night turn up when I suddenly felt a strong urge to get up and go home.

I opened my taxi app and hailed a ride. Taxi showed up and called me that he was outside the venue waiting so I said a quick goodbye and went outside. For some weird reason, I got outside and found out he had cancelled my ride so I booked another one. About 10 minutes of arguing on the phone about parking space and I had to cancel again.

By this time I was getting slightly irritated. Well, I hailed another ride again and this one came through. As soon as I got in, the song “I’m getting ready” started playing in my head.

So I asked him if he has an auxiliary cable because I will like to play music from my phone. I had NEVER done that in a taxi before. Even when they ask if I’m okay with whatever they’re playing. Anyway he said yes and I connected my phone and started playing the song.

After hearing the Nikki Minaj verse he lowered the volume and said “excuse me please, what song is this?
I replied “It’s the new Tasha Cobbs song featuring Nikki Minaj. It’s called I’m getting ready”.

His eyes went wide and he said “wow! Exclaiming “Nikki Minaj on a gospel song? She does that? ”

I said “well, I think this is the first time and it’s a beautiful indication that God accepts us all no matter who we are.”

And out of nowhere, I told him “God is the only one who can change you. Not people.”

He looked at me and nodded. Then was silent for a minute and then asked me to play the song on repeat. After a while, he started to sing along with the chorus.

As I watched him silently while the song played in the car, I realized everything that happened was divinely orchestrated. God needed to reach him last night. He needed to hear those words. that’s why the Holy Spirit made me leave the party. That’s why two taxi rides needed to be cancelled before I booked his own.

Most importantly I learned that God can use anything and anyone and we have no say in how he chooses to use them. God has a habit of using unexpected and unqualified people to fulfill purpose.

At the time Rahab hid the Israelite spies, she was a prostitute. The Bible didn’t call her a “retired” prostitute. She was actively in business. But she recognized those men as men that were from God. (Joshua 2: 1-23)

She knew if she aligned with them, her life would never be the same. She knew she would be saved. She wanted a future different from her present reality. So she offered to help the Israelites who were men of God.

What if they had turned her down because how would holy men such as they, hide in a whorehouse? What if they had believed their mission was too holy for them to accept the help of a prostitute? What if they worried about what the rest of the congregation would say if they heard that the men of God accepted the help of a prostitute in their holy mission and even hid in her house?

Thank God they didn’t see things that way. Because by that association, Rehab’s life changed. Her entire destiny and generation was transformed and from her linage, kings were born, including the Messiah. (Matthew 1:5)

A song that the church community is busy arguing about and some actively condemning, God used it as an instrument of ministry to draw the heart of his child to him. If only that one soul got saved because of that song, heaven rejoices and it’s all worth it.

At the end of the ride, he asked me to send the song to his phone and I was just too happy to do it.


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