INTERSWITCH Is Indeed Changing The Way We Do Business!

INTERSWITCH Group has launched a new set of TV Commercials to share the story of the company’s enabling of digital payments and commerce, and to connect their brands; Verve and Quickteller with everyone.

The TV commercials tell the story of curiosity that lead discoveries and innovations, seeing the bigger picture and constantly seeking answers to questions that will ensure customers enjoy safer, faster and smarter transactions.

The Verve story captures the human spirit of freedom, resilience and strength to go beyond borders and excel in the face of challenges or imperfect situations.

L-R: Adetayo Teluwo, Marketing Manager, Quickteller, Olawale Akanbi, Marketing Manager, Interswitch, Enyioma Anaba, Marketing Manager, Verve International

VERVE is the Vibrant African payment brand. It is currently the biggest payment card brand in Nigeria and is rapidly expanding issuance and acceptance across the African continent.

As an avid QUICKTELLER user myself, I have to say that it really has been the only payment portal/app that takes away the extra burden of making everyday payments. I pay all my internet bills, Cable TV subscriptions, buy airtime, transfer money to all banks and even pay for airline tickets. Trust me, with QUICKTELLER, your payment issues is one less thing to worry about.

INTERSWITCH really has changed the way we do business and make financial transactions in Africa and thanks to the group, everyone is doing business faster, seamlessly and intuitively.

Be on the lookout this weekend for the TV Commercials. You’re going to love them!



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