IdentiFIGHT Is Coming To Ibadan!

Insecurity is mean. Yes. Mean! Its a thief that robs us of our joy, our purpose, real relationships and most importantly, our identity.

So many of us women have been robbed of the knowledge of our true identity and we go through life wearing a mask.

We have mastered the art of covering up and patching up our emotional pain and we go through life smiling while wounded inside. Smiling while insecure. Not exactly sure who we are but covering up with our material achievements.

At IDENTIFIGHT Ibadan, we will strip those layers and discover who we really are. We will embrace who God has called us to be. We will share, we will pray and we will worship.

We will discover the father’s love. We will hold hands as sisters and walk through the process of healing together.
We will FIGHT. and the chains of insecurity will be broken.

Mark your calendars sisters. IDENTIFIGHT is coming to Ibadan on the 23rd of September.

Please book your seats by registering now!

Eventbrite - identiFIGHT

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