Big Potato or Small Potato?

Potatoes come in different sizes, and sorting them could take several hours resulting in lots of work for farmers during harvest season, however, I read about a certain farmer who used a different approach.
After harvesting the potatoes, the farmer would simply load them all on a truck and then take the roughest road to the market. Due to the bad state of the road, it was filled with lots of bumps, holes, and the entire journey itself wasn’t a pleasant one.
Something however took place during that process. The small potatoes would fall to the bottom of the truck, while the big ones would rise to the top. No one needed to sort them out, the bumpy and rough ride did the separation.
Isn’t life like that? Filled with bumps, challenges, and troubles as we go along the journey. But just like the potatoes, the small ones fall to the bottom while the big ones rise to the top. Being big or small has nothing to do with your stature or physique, it has to do with the state of your mind, the quality of your inner man and the extent of investments you’ve made in yourself.
Life has its way of sorting out everyone to where they truly belong over time. So, when the trials and challenges of life comes, will you fall to the bottom of the truck just like the small potatoes, or will you rise up to the top because you know that’s where you belong?
When life throws its best shot at you, Rise…!
— Written by Damola Johnson

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