Yes, You Can & You Should Pray For Bae!

This is not really meant to be a ‘relationship or marriage coach’ kinda post. (Apologies in advance if it reads like that).
I just really want to share about how important prayer is in our relationship with our partners. Whether married, engaged or dating, if you’re in love and romantically involved with someone, you cannot take prayer out of the relationship.

Let me start by saying that if you do not have the confidence to bear down to talk to God about the person you’re with, you might want to check the foundations of that relationship and be honest with yourself if you should be with that person.

See, God loves love. Yes he does! He’s the author of love. In fact he is LOVE himself! So God loves the fact that you are in love with someone and he’s willing to help you navigate the ups and downs of unconditionally loving another imperfect human like yourself.

Your desire to communicate with God about the man that you love shows that you are willing to listen to God about the relationship, it shows you trust God to be the leader and the authority in the relationship and it shows that you are willing to commit that man into God’s hands and trust Him with him.

Praying for your man brings you closer to God. (surprised to hear that?) Yes it does! Because prayer is communication. The more you spend time with God, he opens your heart to stuff about you and reveals areas in your life where you need to make adjustments too. He makes your heart tenderer and less and less selfish because he teaches you to focus less on yourself. You might have started off praying for your bae, but I guarantee, you will find yourself becoming a more matured and Godly woman.

Another thing prayer does is actually bring you and your man closer. Trust me on this one. No amount of spending time, talking, love making, going out or whatever can do what praying will do.

Take a look at the diagram i made to explain this below:


When a man and woman spend time in prayer, as they get closer to God, they get closer to each other.

One additional benefit; you get to watch the miraculous happen as God answers your prayers! The final weeks of 2016 has taught me a lesson i will forever cherish for a lifetime. I was literally ‘pushed’ into intercessory prayers for #PF and the lessons i have been learning since i started praying for him has been enormous.

I get to watch him blossom and desire God’s word in ways i hadn’t seen before, i get to watch his mind expand and grow in leaps and bounds, everyday since the prayers started, he has one testimony of God’s goodness to share with me and all i can do is marvel at how God’s word is working. I’m watching my man get physically stronger and spiritually more aware and i see God’s hand in it. If that doesn’t make my day everyday, i don’t know what will.

If you’re in a relationship and reading this, develop a prayer habit with your bae if you haven’t. If you want to talk about it together, you can. But if you feel called to stand in the gap for both of you, go ahead and start praying.

If you want to discuss times, schedules and how to balance your prayer times, i can help you with that. Send me a message here or on twitter.


I Love you!



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