Dear Young Woman, You’re Made To Soar!

Beware of the subtle attempts at ‘remolding’.  All those “why don’t you…?, You’re too… , You will be perfect if you…,  subtle criticisms that chip, chip and keep chipping at you until you lose your drive and before you fully realize what is happening, you have been remolded from a woman God has created to be outstanding and extraordinary, into a basic, average woman.

Some of you single women are in the process of losing yourself in a relationship. you set aside your dreams, your ambition, you have even changed your fashion and style just because you want to be “perfect ” for someone else.

Check the decisions you’re making for your life, are you making those choices because you’ve decided that it’s good for you or someone else is suggesting it would make you more acceptable?

Why are you shrinking yourself to make someone else feel like they’re smarter, or better than you? Over time, i have learned that people project their own limitations and inabilities on others. That’s why someone who wanted to do what you’re doing so badly but couldn’t, is more likely to discourage you than encourage you. Let NO MAN (or woman) do this to you.

Choose a man who is intelligent and secure enough to hold an intellectual argument with you and who will beam with pride when you stand up to speak in public and when you assert yourself in a leadership position.

Reject the Nigerian version of ‘humility’ that says you must play down your intelligence, your financial & material worth just to appear suitable as a spouse. Pretending to be what you are not, is not humility. (From experience, men who secretly can’t stand your success are the first to claim you are not humble).

Trust me, anyone who is intimidated by your brain and your abilities and worth, does not deserve you anyway.

Be free to be the very best that God has made you to be. If there’s any remolding to be done, it’s the job of the Holy Spirit in you. and the spirit of God develops your abilities and prunes you to grow bigger. he doesn’t cut you down. he empowers you and gives you wings to soar.




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