Every dispensation and time has a culture. Too many times generally as believers in the music business we are found depending on God when God is depending on us.
God is depending on us because within us he has put the wisdom to know how to fix our challenges unless of cause we get the point where we are genuinely over whelmed.

Genesis 14:14
“When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as Dan.”

The human mind already possess incredible power to find solutions to her challenges, this is why tons of metals put together to make an airplane will defy gravity. Video cameras and photo cameras can capture moments and immortalize them.

The seeming mysterious has been simplified over the years and more mind rupturing inventions continue to emerge. Initially these things sounded like a miracle, but today they have been simplified to PRINCIPLE. They can be understudies, taught, learned and replicated.

Looking at the above quoted bible verse; Abraham heard his relative was taken captive and he set out to war. Those days it was cultural to war. But while it was cultural to war, considerations were made before proceeding. There was the always the option of weighing the opponent and choosing to plead or make a treaty or better still war.

In the same vain, no one went to war without being sure they had what it would require to win the war. Abraham knew he had capacity to win. He didn’t begin a prayer service. He did what was within the cultural stance.

How does this play in the music business field today you would ask.

Today we have a technology driving music business system and this process has been simplified. This is the culture. Facebook, twitter, Pin Interest, Google, Snap Chat, YouTube and the likes.
One would expect gospel artistes to take advantage of already existing platforms, understanding how exactly they operate and make the most of it. Sadly they are still in the place of prayer, praying over small matters when the bigger prayer has been answered.

As of the first quarter of 2016, Facebook alone has 1.71 billion monthly active users, Twitter has 313 million monthly, Instagram sits at some 500 million monthly users. I find it interesting that people are praying that God should help their ministry go around the world when the world practically been reduced to apps.

I think God has set that in place already with these platform, now the responsibility is yours to understand the culture and play by the rules.
I have said that for a number of us in the music business and as gospel artistes, God is not happy with our inability to evolve and take advantage of the things on ground. HE (God) is just left with the option of blessing us in the defense of his name and heaven. Not because we are deserving and this is a sorry place to be.
New media is the popular culture today. Have I said do not pray? No. You must always compare what you do with what is being done. If you keep praying without results and some else is achieving the answers to your prayers without praying, you should stop and take a look in that direction.

There is a culture on ground today, understanding it might make your words of prayer valuable. Like Abraham, go to war!



OLUMATI, Isaiah .C

Principal and Founder, MIRUS EMPIRE

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