Not That Easy To Be Like Jesus…


You know how we love the idea of ‘being like Jesus’? we sing it, preach it and pretend to even live it… but you and i know most of the time, we are so far from the real deal…

I read the above bible verse today and i had to pause and think about my life. simple sounding words but powerful enough to strike me in a very deep place.

When people take unfair advantage of me, i am usually motivated to stay away from them not practice the servant life. And i usually don’t pray for those who give me a hard time. But this right here is the core character change Jesus wants us to have.

I can’t keep saying i want to be like Jesus without studying this character and developing it within myself. The Holy Spirit is in me yes; but he needs me to cooperate and be willing to change.

My consciousness isĀ  needed. I might not get it right the first, second and third time, but I’ll keep trying. I’ll keep asking him for help, keep trusting until i become the person he’s created me to be. The person with HIS own character.

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