Addicted To Entertainment

Do you realize how many of us are addicted to being entertained? Look around you for a moment; the media is all about entertainment these days. More music, more drama, even the news is delivered sensationally to keep us entertained.

Cell phone companies are continuously developing new ways of giving us the ultimate entertainment experience. Social Media has become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. Even the church has been sold this entertainment gospel.

Preachers have perfected the art of oratory, using a blend of imagery, metaphors & humorous anecdotes to make the sermon entertaining and appealing so at the end, we clap and cheer in excitement and feel good.

We can barely step away from our cell phones, turn off the TV or stop the music.
These things are not bad in themselves but our attachment to them has become a problem.
There’s so much noise and distraction that we can barely hear God.

We are bombarded with all sorts of information. Notifications here and there, giving us the erroneous impression that the world Is passing us by if we don’t stop to check our messages or turn on the TV.

Enough with the deception and distractions. It’s time we pull the brakes and get to a place of quietness.
Let your head and your spirit be quiet. Regain control over your life and form new habits.
Develop self control. Learn to turn off the TV, put down the phone, log off Facebook and interact with real people in your real life.

Spend time alone with yourself. No noise in your head. You’ll discover treasures that God has put inside you and most importantly, you’ll connect with God on a deeper level.

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