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Dear Men,

Society, tradition and culture has schooled us that women were made by God to do our bidding; that they are lesser than us and must be subdued, tamed and kept on a leash.

These entities have refused to acknowledge the role God has destined for the woman in creation. They have told us nothing but lies! Even if a woman behaves unseemly, stubborn and refuses to adapt or conform to what we call ‘accepted behavioral patterns’, it doesn’t give us the impetus to ‘trample’ on them.

How will a ‘help-meet’ be able to be of use to any man if she was made inferior to him?

It’s like using the old parts of an old car to fix a new one. Besides, if she’s as inferior as we’ve been taught, then why make her in an image so similar to man? God made Eve because He saw a ‘need’ for Adam, otherwise God could have given Adam the animals for his help.

When we as men trample upon women and treat them as disposables, we are indirectly telling God He wasn’t wise for doing so and that He has no understanding.

Some women may be evil, diabolic, stubborn, dirty, ill mannered, uncultured, uncouth, rude and in-submissive.. but they are simply a by product of where they are coming from – just as we men are.

God expected Adam to teach Eve and not just nurture her BUT give her the opportunity to fulfill the purpose for which she was made (by God’s sole intent). Only then can we as men fully enjoy the benefits of God’s gift.

We must consciously ‘unlearn’ all we have been taught about women and strictly go to God for direction on how to groom and give room for her purpose which ultimately favors us in the long run!



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