Where Does Your Money Go?

I was sitting at the back seat of a cab, admiring the landscape on the way to Admiralty in Lekki when i heard the Holy Spirit ask me : where does your money go?

Of course I tried to give him a list of what my monthly responsibilities were, and I became sadly aware that I had fallen short when he gently pointed out how little of my finances go to the preaching of the gospel.

Frankly speaking, I spend way too much on food.

A lot of us might not be able to physically go on mission trips, preaching the gospel to all the corners of the earth, but we should support those who do.

Today, I am not referring to the tithe and offering you give out of obligation in church. I’m talking about money you consciously set aside to help push the gospel message forward out of love.

If you really believe this gospel, that it’s the power of God unto salvation, if you really believe that we have been instructed to take this message to the corners of the earth, then you must realize that the gospel needs your money.

There are hungry communities filled with fellow humans who lack the very basics of survival; Food, clothing and Shelter. Your gifts will make a difference.

This is not a give so you can be blessed message. This is a give because you are born of a loving and generous God message.

Set aside a little something. Remember the poor, the needy and the missionaries who have sacrificed comfort to live and work with the poor and the ailing, bringing them the message and the love of Christ.

Let your money preach the gospel.

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