Dear Twitter Christians…

Dear Twitter Christians,

I’m sorry if what i have to say makes you a tad bit uncomfortable. Please accept my apologies in advance. For the past few months i have observed in silence, the response of ‘believers’ like you and I to several issues that affect the society we live in, and i must say that our responses have been rather weird. ( to put it mildly)

Lately, it’s begining to look like we are enamoured with flooding the TL with bible quotes to each other, rhapsodizing about how wonderful the verses are, while burying our head in the sands, pretending that nothing about what is going on affects us in anyway.

Look around you dear twitter christian, do you see the injustice, the hunger, the deprivation, the society you live in and raise your kids in, going to pieces? what are you saying or doing about it?

Oh, your twitter bible and hymn lyric quotes are “preaching the gospel”. Are they? really? when was the last time you led someone to christ with your hymn lyric?

When Jesus walked the earth, did he not speak out about the opression of the poor? did he not speak up and speak against the injustces perpetrated by the religious rulers and the Romans? Did he not speak up for the downtrodden?

He preached hope and he spoke bitter truth about what was going on in his day. Did you know that was why the political class of his time, hated him so much?

So, if we are to be like Jesus, why are we so reluctant to rock the boat? Why are we so insensitive and so comfortable to stay in our “safe” little corner and quote scriptures to each other?

Why can’t we get right in the murk and Live out the words we love to quote so much?

James 1: 27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

Today, news broke that a 13 year old girl has been abducted and forcefully converted to islam and married off and dear twitter christian, while everyone lends a voice to demand justice, what are you doing? what are you saying?




  • Melissa

    What really is the crux of this Christianity that we profess? We cant be oblivious of the things happening in our immidiate surroundings. Christianity is built on the foundation of love.. Everything we do must stem from the river of love… Love each other as i have loved you so says Jesus john 13v34-35, john 15v12! Quoting Scriptures and singing hymnal lyrics only doesn’t translate into practical love. Hiding behind scriptures and ignoring the injustice in our surrounding does nothing. What is the value of our Christian faith if we cannot reach out to the broken hearted, to the poor and needy?? Its pointless… Let’s get practical and spread Christ… Jesus Christ is love – love is Jesus Christ!

  • ODUNUSI Oluwagbenga Julius Ayomide

    And I SHALL KNOW the Truth AND the Truth SHALL set me free.

    Thanks sis for the heads up once again.

  • Phil I.Ebegbune

    Its true that we Christians stay in our comfort zone to quote scriptures, and never walk the work. I pray for God’s grace to be able to in the path of righteousness.

    Sis thanks ,this article is a source of inspiration for many of us to do the right thing.

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