Writing Better Grammar…

Young people (and even some of you ‘oldies’! ) need to read more properly written books.

Proper writing skills have been thrown out of the window in favour of badly constructed sentences, bad punctuation and badly spelled words and social media inspired short-hand.

I am embarrased and appalled when i read messages, comments and emails from adults who are supposedly educated and taught the art of communicating in english language.

Some of you don’t get responses to applications and proposals because your presentation is fraught with grammatical errors and spelling errors one would expect from a five year old and so on.

What you don’t seem to understand is, the way you write says a lot about you. It speaks subtly, yet clearly. It shows if you’re careless, it tells if you are someone who pays attention to detail, in some cases, it exposes your intelligence or lack of it.

If you really want to speak better and write better, then be prepared to go back to the basics.

Read children’s books. Yes. Books written for children are designed to teach the basics of language, including fundamental words and spelling, regular and irregular nouns and verbs, simple conjugation, and sentence structure.

I learnt how to speak and write properly from the books i read as a child.

School helped, but the story books my mum provided, did a faster job. I remember her taking me to the Kwara State Library every weekend when i was in Primary 3, just to sit down and read books.

So get some kiddie books and start reading and practicing.

Practice reading aloud so that you also get an idea of how the language sounds in conversation.

Read a wide variety of material. essays, novels, newspaper articles, text books, classic literature and so on. It will show you how other authors use language and how sentences are structured.

You will learn word order, spelling, and how to creatively structure your own sentences.

Practice writing every day. Improve your grammar by writing and practicing any new rules or words you’ve learned.

And finally, buy a dictionary. Get used to reading it for new words and learn not just their meanings, but how they are used in different contexts.

Stay blessed.


  • ife omoakin

    great info, thank you 4laH. It is a thing of pride to “write well”, I love good writers and enjoy well written articles, papers etc. I am told I write well too, far back since I was in class iii, in 1966(?) (JS 3 now) and I think I get better with time; nevertheless I still give it to anyone who writes well.
    I am a fan of 4laH, in all she does.

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