I Am Only Here For A While…

Sometimes, God places you in a certain position for a specific mission. He can bring you into someone’s life to meet a specific need. Put you on a job to complete an assignment and once you’re done, he pulls you out.

The thing is, you have to understand what he has called you to do and be discerning to know when you’re done.

I served in a church for years (close to 10 years actually) and a little over a year ago, i sensed God calling me to serve somewhere else. This new place was smaller and so so different from the place i had grown used to.

I must tell you, it was such a hard decision┬áto make. I didn’t immediately understand why, my friends did not understand why, i lost some people because they could not figure out what was happening. At that time, i couldn’t figure it out too but i one thing stood sure; I believed God and i knew he wanted me to go.

So i jumped. I moved. and after i did, i started seeing the reason why. God has a way of not showing us the full picture because he wants us to learn to trust and obey.

That experience marked a period of intense personal walk with God and growth. Now i have learned to trust God and i understand that God owns me totally. so he can send me anywhere.

You know it’s the same with people. Sometimes God will send you into someone’s life to make a difference and meet a need and you will allow your fickle emotions get in the way and distract you from your purpose.

I am not there yet, but i am definitely where i used to be. In all these things, I run back to the word he gave me sometime ago: FOCUS.

So i keep my eyes on my assignment. Because i have laid my all on the altar. I have burned my bridges. I am only attached to him. Everything else is temporary.

At the end of the day, this walk is solitary. The road is narrow.

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    awesome write up ma. Though it’s not easy but I have decided to always listen and follow The One that owns my life. {Jesus Christ}

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