Today I Met The “Friends” I Never Had

I never imagined I would one day write something like this but after what just happened to me, I found myself seeing life from a whole new perspective. Today, I witnessed and felt first hand, the effects of gossip and backbiting in its entire evil form.

I walked into a conversation 3 people that I once regarded as “friends” were having about me. I stood there for more than 10 minutes without their knowledge and heard their opinion about me and it felt like I swallowed a chunk of lead. (I even heard that my Christianity is not real!)

I was sad, angry, devastated and totally shattered. My first instinct was to rush in there and pour out everything I felt, but I thank God for the grace to walk away. (By the way, one of them finally noticed me at the door, and it was awkward because I smiled)

Anyway, I learnt some lessons:

  1. If your friends would rather gather and discuss everything they perceive to be wrong about you, perhaps they are not your friends after all.
  2. If your friends think something is wrong with you because you are not like them, don’t react to situations like they would, or don’t seem to be excited at the things that excite them, well… they are obviously not your friends.
  3. If you’ve ever sat down to talk about other people while they are not there, perhaps you need to be talked about so you can know how it feels.

So at the end of it all, I have realized those 3 were not exactly friends. Forgiven and moving on, I have decided to continue to live my life, free of the opinions and expectations of men.


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