The Entertainment Industry Will Not Come To Church…

Recently, Hollywood has been recreating bible stories for Cinema and most of the movies have been anything but bible based. Movies like NOAH and EXODUS came out to scathing reviews by Christians because they did not accurately depict the message of the bible and some of the characters were so off mark that it was almost hilarious.

But come to think of it, why should Hollywood “get it right”?  The stories are ours. We were entrusted with them. And since we have refused to tell it, others who don’t really know the purpose of those stories will tell it as they see fit.

We can’t get mad and froth on the mouth because the music and entertainment industry is corrupting our kids with nudity and immoral content when as Christians; we have refused to get involved.

The media industry is saturated with messages that do not edify us or glorify God and rather than shut ourselves away from it all, it’s time for us to penetrate that industry and affect it with the positivity that we carry. That is our mandate. That is why we have been entrusted with the gospel. Hollywood and Nollywood will not come to church. The church needs to go to Nollywood and Hollywood.

We need more movie producers, music entrepreneurs, publicists, and other entertainment industry personnel who are committed to Christ and affecting the industry with good content. Enough of criticizing and condemning. It’s time to take a step forward and do something about it. We have enough “Christian movie” production companies. What about individual Christians going right into the mainstream industry and making a difference?

The world can’t tell our stories. We need to tell it ourselves.


  • Dolapo Akinbisola

    4lah, I agree a 100% with you. I promise to spread the message. Chritians have bÉÉÑ their own undoing. Rather than taking responsibility and action there’s so much blame going on. The earlier we get started the better.
    Well done again!

  • Adekuoroye Femi

    I couldnt agree any less 4lah. Chriatians must realize that as a church, not as a brick building now, but as individuals, we are called to invade the world system and bring it under the lordship of Christ

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