Too Many Churches, Too Little Love

The church of Jesus Christ is founded on the love principle. The church is the body of Christ, united with him in love by his spirit and it’s that love that brings us together and grows us.

We are commanded to love each other and other people around us. Without love, we cannot affect our world for Christ and fulfil the great commission.

Why then does it look like everything is falling apart around us while we are busy having jamborees and raising edifices?  We seem to have forgotten that the church is not the building we tax ourselves so hard to beautify and make grandiose.

The church is the people. Wherever the people go, they take the church with them, they take God with them, and they take the Love of Jesus with them. And affect their world with that love.

That’s why it’s a misnomer for our world to be in chaos, and the church is right in the middle of all that, wringing her hands helplessly.  What are we preaching?  When our members go out of the church building on Sunday, who do they become?

When we love, we care. We care about injustice, we care about the needy, we care about peace and when we care, we intercede in prayer. But we do not just pray, we ACT. We speak out and we step out.  Lately, it doesn’t look like we are doing that. Lately, all we seem  to be doing is arguing about who should be allowed to sing in church, who drives what and who has a private jet.  Who are we? What is our purpose?

What’s the point of Christ leaving us here if we are not effective?

I’m just thinking….

Hope this makes you think too.

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