Why Do I Go To Church?

People go to church for different reasons. For most people around here, it’s the way we were brought up. It would be quite unthinkable for an average Nigerian family who are not Muslims or idol worshippers to stay home on a Sunday morning. We take special pride in attending Sunday services and it’s the weekly ritual.

As we grow older and leave home to begin life as adults, most of us follow that trend. Church every Sunday is non-negotiable. These days, church attendance has taken on a new meaning. For young upwardly mobile people, it’s a new avenue to make ‘good’ contacts, business connections, ‘the right kind’ of friends and for some, potential spouses.

Church these days for most people, is nothing more than a social hub with a moralistic undertone.

However with a deeper commitment to Christ, comes an understanding of what it means to not just belong to a church, but the simple act of attending a service.

As I stepped into my church on Sunday morning, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration. Something happened to me that I haven’t yet been able to put into clear words but I suddenly understood why I was there.

The previous week had been quite draining for me. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, I was at a low point and feeling rather vulnerable. I didn’t even realise how tired I was until the worship started and as I lifted up my hands, I felt a fresh cool breeze on my entire being and I suddenly felt like a heavy load had been lifted off my shoulders. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I was elated, energized and I saw myself worshiping with renewed vigour and I spoke in tounges with my heart filled with inexpressible joy. I could literally feel my faith being renewed.

The spirit of God then whispered to me that this is why I came to church. The gathering of believers, worshiping together in unity, faith and love, provides a refreshing of the spirit.  I was down when I came but I left with my faith renewed and strengthened. I left with a dose of spiritual energy to get me through another week.

If you’re ever in a position where you’re upset, sad, depressed and you don’t even feel like going to church, don’t let the devil convince you.  Do whatever you can to go. You will be refreshed and encouraged. That is why I go to church.



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