Are You The One Who Turns Away?



Bible Reading: Luke 19: 1-0

It’s very easy to unconsciously slide into the cocoon of insulation that church community provides. Over time, we befriend only church community “approved” people, attend only Christian themed events, even on social media, we relate and engage only Christians and church folks. Over time we become isolated. What this does to us is, it becomes rather difficult to witness and share Christ with those who need him.

If we are not careful, we slide into self righteousness and legalism. How?

When we decide who is acceptable and who is not. When we shun people who don’t conform to our idea of “clean” or “moral”, we have become legalistic. Jesus had dinner with Zacchaeus, knowing that he was a crook and a cheat. In today’s world, maybe a corrupt politician that everyone knows. But Christ saw beyond that. He saw purpose. That was why he came!! For people like Zacchaeus.

Why have you been saved? To hang out with fellow Christians and congratulate each other on how holy you are? Certainly not! You’ve been saved to reconcile others back to God. (2 Corinthians 5:19-20)

How will you fulfill your ministry if you turn away from the very people you are called to reach out to?

Check out Zacchaeus’ reaction to Jesus’ presence in his home. He was so awed; he repented before Jesus even started preaching!

If you wait for people to be perfect before you befriend them, you will limit the reach of the gospel. So, get out there! Reach out!


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