#Oldies: The Lijadu Sisters & Music Business In The 70’s

Cousins of Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti, Taiwo and Kehinde emerged as the primary female voices of Nigeria in the ‘70s, writing and performing their own music and bringing women into the foreground of a largely male-dominated scene. They played with juju linchpin King Sunny Adé, hung out with James Brown and toured with Cream drummer Ginger Baker.

I was checking out some videos on YouTube and I stumbled on this old and rare video of them rehearsing and talking about the challenges of the female artiste in the 70’s , the exploitation of artistes by record labels and how the traditional roles are beginning to change. The incredible thing is, EVERYTHING they said, rings familiar, because sadly, we haven’t moved forward all that much.

In case you’re wondering where these ladies are now, I’m happy to let you know that they’re now 65 years old and in March 2014, they were featured in the Guardian UK about their plans to make come- back! Amazing!

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