Hearing God Through “Beats By Dre” Headphones

By now, you know that God speaks to us in different ways and sometimes, he chooses to use the most unusual things. so i saw this Beats By Dre advert on YouTube and the message God has for me through it is so amazing. And of course, i am more than willing to share it with you.

As you walk through life, there’s always going to be chatter and external noise from everyone who thinks they know what’s best for you. People who believe they are in the best position to tell you what you should or should not be doing. People who will not see how your ideas can work. People who will not believe you can make it through and have a great future.

Sometimes the voices you will hear won’t be from outside. It will be from inside you. Voices that grew up with you. Voices that remind you of your mistakes when you were young. Voices that remind you of how you let down your parents and did not graduate with a good grade. But the promises of God gives you the perspective to say, that whatever thoughts come, whatever the haters and nay sayers want to say, “I chose to hear what I need to hear”.

You might not be able to stop the chatter and the voices, but you can choose to block it. Not with Beats by Dre headphones, this time, but by the word of God. Plug into the promises of God for your life in his word and shut down the discouraging voices and the negativity. if you’re going to live by God’s promises, you will need to block out whatever the enemy says.

Watch the video:


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