So, You Wanna Be A Church Keyboardist? Here Are Some Few Facts…

Hey guys! so as usual i was trolling on Big Dee’s Facebook page this weekend and here’s what i found. a straight from the heart and humorous post about the things most church keyboard players go thorough silently.

it’s so touching because somehow i identify with his feelings. (maybe because I’m guilty of some of the things mentioned.) anyway, if you play keyboard in church, i’m sure you’ll get where he’s coming from. and if you don’t, i’m sure you will learn something! So, enjoy your reading:

So, you wanna be a Church Keyboardist? Here are some few facts:
1. You can’t sneak out during All Night Services ‘cos you’ve got to play from 10pm – 4am. (Did I say 6 hours or more NON STOP)?
2. Get ready to be in Every Single service, program, church event, outreach, revival, funeral, wedding, workshop, wake keeping, child dedication, house warming, old age meeting, singles seminar, marriage seminar (Doesn’t matter if you’re single or married; Just Play)
3. When you’re playing at a Church Banquet, get ready to be forgotten on the Keyboard. Just play & watch others eat their 5 course meal, we’ll send you a bottle of water & pack some take aways (If we remember).
4. Get ready to be called a “Show Off” just because you dress well & look good. (We play on the Altar right? We might as well dress very well ‘cos all eyes are on us).
5. Get ready for people to call you “An Ordinary Keyboardist” (After all, they weren’t there when you spent years mastering your craft, the sleepless nights, the books, DVD’s, & materials you bought just to improve, the thousands you even spent going to study Music, after all they think it’s just a hobby right?). Some don’t even know that you’ve got Degrees or even Masters Degrees in other fields of study but chose to specialize in Music.
6. Get ready to fight with the Sound Team every Sunday. (There’s just that feel & keyboard tone they ain’t giving you. It’s not just “Volume”).
7. Get ready for people to tell you how good you are & how they want you to teach them only for you to never see them again when you give them your fees. (After all, UNISA teaches for free right)
8. Get ready to be the first to get to Church every time (You dare not get there after Praise & Worship) Also get set to be the last to leave.
9. Get ready to be treated like you don’t matter (But you’ll see how much you matter when you’re not in rehearsals or in service & it all went not too well cos there wasn’t a Keyboardist available)
10. Get ready to play for all kinds of voices (The good, the bad, the ugly, and the don’t even mention it)
11. Get ready to work with song writers & help them transform a song without a set out form or structure into a HIT and they say (That MY SONG is a Hit neh? After all, our input in it was so little & has been forgotten)
12. Get ready for the most exciting times of your life…!


Written By DAMOLA JOHNSON. Connect with him here: @DamolaJohnson


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