Facing A New Day

A lot of people start of their day doing different things they feel would help them have a great morning. Some would take a run outdoors. Some would sit quietly and meditate, Some listen to music. Whatever it may be, people usually do something that they feel would energize and inspire them to live through the day.

As Christians, we should learn to dedicate all of our days to the Lord and have our days start off with praise and thanks to the one who created us. Every waking day is a blessing gifted to us by God and no matter what the situation may be, we have every reason to dedicated the hours ahead of us to the Lord and praise Him for all that He has done for us and is about to do. You may have heard the famous verse by David- “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” – Psalm 118:24.

If you are facing pain and sorrow today, draw in on the strength of the Lord as you pick yourself up and be a living testimony to His graciousness and goodness. If your day is going well, share the news of the goodness of God to others.

James reminds us that we “do not know what will happen tomorrow” – James 4:14, and this is all the more reason to dedicate all our days to the Lord and place Him in the center of all things. When you have Jesus at the core of your life, every moment of everyday is a reason to rejoice!


Written by Elle Coleman


  • keijo

    Hello with joy to praise the Lord for my family and for my wife in thanksgiving for alot blessed the day with together and with the Lord´s presence in warm love over us in peace n in rest and be so wing ours seed in favor and in joy with the power of God.Thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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