What Being Really Rich Is About…

How interesting is it to know that one of the most discussed topics by Jesus was the area of finance and money. If you have read the Bible and know the character of Jesus, you’d know that He wasn’t grooming people up to give their money to Him.

As far as we know, He never even went out of the way to ask for a money offering. The prime reasons why He discussed money was because nothing more comes in the way of our spirituality than money. Money is something that can easily misguide us before we even realize it.

I find it (personally and hopefully you too) crazy that the man mentioned in Luke 12:13, asks of Jesus to get his brother to divide his share of the inheritance with him. Why I find this crazy is because this man had the greatest opportunity at that moment to get into a relationship with Christ but instead only wanted to deepen his relationship with money.

Jesus then responds with an incredible statement- “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” (Luke 12:15). Saying that Jesus goes on to share a parable with those who were listening. It was about a rich man who was very successful. The world thought he was rich. God on the other hand regarded him as a fool. Why? Because he chose to make his life rich with the things of this world.

The internet is so full of advice, tricks and plans telling you how to become rich (usually instantly). There are so many self help books telling you how to make your way towards becoming a rich person.

Compare all that with what Christ has to say and you’ll notice how Jesus tells us what we need to hear and not what we wish we could hear. Being rich is never about the money. It is all about the rich and deep relationship that we share with God and the joy that we get from turning something as negative and foolish as greed to the beauty of generosity.


Bible Study by Jude

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