“Olivia Pope” And The Young Women Who Look Up To Her

No one can deny the fact that the Media has a profound impact on culture, society and directly and indirectly influences human thinking and behaviour. Growing up in the early 80’s, a lot of us were influenced by the Children’s shows, cartoons and story books we read. Our vocabulary was formed; our speech and expressions were also influenced.

These days, Hollywood plays a major role in how most young people perceive life around them, and unfortunately, too many young people now live life through the eyes of fictional Hollywood characters.

A lot of these fictional characters have been elevated to role model status and this has unfortunately, led too many people astray.

Television characters like “Olivia Pope”, gives the illusion of a “strong, influential, smart, and powerful young black woman who is willing to step on any toes in government to defend the rights of the downtrodden, and protect America”.

Meanwhile, a realistic look at that character will show that she’s actually a woman willing to lie, cheat and destroy anyone to get what she wants. The Character of “Olivia Pope” makes adultery and fornication look okay, disguising it as “Love”.

Sadly, I see so many young ladies hooked on this character. They want to dress like her, talk like her and they see her as the ideal “strong black woman”.

Another Hollywood version of the “strong black woman” is “Mary Jane Paul” from the new TV series; “Being Mary Jane”.  Again, the story repeats itself. Another emotionally imbalanced, sexually indisciplined woman, disguised as a “strong, independent, hard-working back woman”. And it’s so sad to see our young ladies eating it all up.

Wake up everyone! If you must have role models, why not look into the bible? Why not look at real life characters ,whose lives are turning others to righteousness?

Hollywood is NOT the answer!


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