My Interview With @Omojuwa (Audio Download)

If you’re a young person active on social media and who takes an interest in how Nigerians are being governed, then the Name Japhet Omojuwa won’t be strange to you.  Now i must confess i had my opinions about him before i met him ( i mean, who would’nt? ) and i actually told him as much when we met.

Anyway, i had this interview with him and it was quite enlightening to hear him express his opinions on the various issues currently being debated. from the missing 20 billion, to the CBN Governor’s suspension and even the curious case of Wendel Simlin.
If you missed the show, you can listen and even download if you like. One thing i will tell you though, this young man called “omojuwa” is definitely in a class of his own.

Direct Download HERE


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